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Facebooks Configuration as Code Framework

1 min read

Dear awesome person,

as you can see from the newsletter being late this is not some automatic random paper picker I build but indeed me as a Human selecting the papers and sending them out.

I promise to make my calendar reminder even bigger in order to stick to the friday schedule from now on 😀

This weeks paper is something I found while working on my thesis and it is about how Facebook manages their Configuration in Code setup.

I told you about the Telegram group we will have in order to discuss the papers. As we are at the moment still only 4 subscribers, I would really appreciate if you share the newsletter with your friends, colleagues, kids and grandparents.

The Telegram group will be available once we hit 30 subscribers.


Facebook’s web site and mobile apps are very dynamic.Every day, they undergo thousands of online configurationchanges, and execute trillions of configuration checks topersonalize the product features experienced by hundredsof million of daily active users. For example, configurationchanges help manage the rollouts of new product features,perform A/B testing experiments on mobile devices to iden-tify the best echo-canceling parameters for VoIP, rebalancethe load across global regions, and deploy the latest machinelearning models to improve News Feed ranking. This papergives a comprehensive description of the use cases, design,implementation, and usage statistics of a suite of tools thatmanage Facebook’s configuration end-to-end, including thefrontend products, backend systems, and mobile apps

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With much love, Simon Frey