Simple Shamir's Secret Sharing (s4)

Share your secret with a cryptographically secure method. All running locally in your browser. Your secrets never leave your machine!


About s4

With Simple Shamir's Secret Sharing (s4) I want to provide you an easy to use interface for this beautiful little piece of math.

s4 is open source and provided as it is. You can find the code on Github and this website works completely offline. Save it to your computer (Ctrl+S) in order to not lose access to the s4 in case this website will be down at any point in the future.

Please note that s4 is provided as it is and I do not take responsibility for any bugs. s4 is a tiny layer around sharedsecret and golangs AES encryption.

If you find any issues, please report them via Github issues and if you want to tip me for the work on this project, feel free to do so !

Minimum required shares: