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About me

I translate complex engineering into high-impact, scalable products that drive business value. My background is in reliability engineering for web products with technologies such as Golang, Terraform & Google Cloud. But let's be clear: The technologies I choose depend on the best fit for your business. My favorite quote in this regard is "Strong opinions, loosely held". I believe in hierarchical leadership, as every "flat hierarchy" I saw, ended up in a misfunctioning organization.

Simon Frey


Product development strategy

Advice on the alignment of the product portfolio to ensure that the products are market-driven and future-proof.

  • Technological KPIs
    Development and monitoring of technological success metrics to measure the progress and effectiveness of IT initiatives.
  • Technical due diligence
    Assessment of technical infrastructure when acquiring companies to enable clients to make good investment decisions.

Team composition

Identify and hire qualified IT talent to build an effective and efficient development team

  • Building and managing technology teams
    Support in identifying, hiring and recruiting IT talent.
  • Agile/Scrum methodologies
    Implementing agile processes to increase the productivity and efficiency of development teams.

Technology consulting

Supporting executives in the decision-making process to ensure that technical solutions support the business strategy

  • Infrastructure development
    Advice on setting up a scalable and secure IT infrastructure that meets the growing demands of the customer business.
  • Technology roadmap and innovation strategy
    Supporting companies in the development and implementation of a clear technological vision that supports their business goals and promotes innovation.
  • IT and technology budgets
    Management and optimization of IT budgets to ensure efficient allocation of resources.

Past projects

These are two of the projects I worked on previously.
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AI enabled video-clipping

The technical highlight of the 10levelup project, was the content-aware video cropping algorithm I designed. This algorithm finds key elements in a video (e.g. people, animals, general movement) and follows them around. This ensures that these elements are visible the entire time and the relevant information stays fully available with 70% less pixels.

Real-time currency exchange rates

For the exchange rates provider Currex I did build a highly scalable golang backend to enable real-time exchanges rates based on various sources such as the International Monetary Fund. The resulting technology and platform was later sold to the Austrian based Apilayer Data Products Gmbh.

What to expect?

These three core principles you can expect from me.
Make sure you can work with them, as I won't compromise on these.

Good communication

The core of successful cooperation is clear & honest communication.

I will give you ambitious, but realistic timelines. Help the team members to be heard. And actively foster a communicative culture throughout the different organizational levels.

Boring technology

If you want someone who sells you a project, based on 20 of the most recent hype technologies, we will not fit.

I stand for boring, time-tested technology.
Technology, that isn't just a new one-year hype.
Technology, that runs stable in production for years to come.
And above else: Technology that you can find trained developers for.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

I will treat your company as if it would be my own, as I see this as an opportunity to further foster my entrepreneurial knowledge and grow with you.

My goal is to help you build products which bring your company forward. Ask anyone I worked with: I am a master of the 80/20 principle.
I can't emphasize this enough: Software exists to create business value.


Let's evaluate if and how we can work together.

Please give me some information on you and your project. Here are some ideas:

  • What state is your company in? (Startup, SMB, Corporate)

  • What is your job title?

  • What are your core responsibilities? How is your personal success measured?

  • What kind of project do you want us to cooperate on? (Firefighting, R&D, Product engineering)

  • What is your (rough) timeline for this project?

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