How to install golang (go) >1.21 in Ubuntu with Snap

Install golang in a somewhat recent version in Ubuntu is quite annoying. Here a on-line command which will do the trick for you. (Replace 1.21 with whatever version of go you want to install)

sudo apt remove --autoremove golang-go; sudo apt install snapd; sudo snap install --classic --channel=1.21/stable go

What it does:

  1. sudo apt remove --autoremove golang-go Remove all current go installation you installed via apt
  2. sudo apt install snapd; Install snap (Software packaging system by Canonical <= Folks behind ubuntu. Learn more)
  3. sudo snap install --classic --channel=1.21/stable go Use snap to install golang

This works like a charm, and after hours of trying to make it work via the binary download “official” way mentioned on the this finally made my golang installation work.

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