What is the best place to promote your AI tool? These directories are worth it…

I am currently building an AI video cutting tool (10LevelUp.com) and as a launch strategy, I want to add it to a few of those β€œAI Tools/There is an AI for this” website lists.

They all promise me infinite traffic, money and life happiness. But let’s be honest, that can’t be true πŸ˜‰

In this post, I am evaluating the different sites, based on their similarweb traffic numbers (which are at least somewhat neutral), social media following and list price. This will help me (and, in effect, also you as the reader) decide which one it is worth spending my hard-earned money on. I am not affiliated with any of these sites, just my honest review!

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WebsiteSimiliarweb Traffic (25.10-28.11)Minimum CostDofollow-link (good for SEO)SocialsWill I list?
πŸ’š futuretools.io1.207 MFreeYesTwitter: 71kYes. It is free and has massive amounts of traffic. Sure will list
πŸ’š topai.tools2.280M$35YesTwitter: 991
Facebook: 237
Instagram: 384
LinkedIn: 238
Yes. Most traffic of all sites, at a decent price point.
πŸ’š easywithai.com1.600M$50YesNoneYes. The price seems fair for the amount of traffic they have.
πŸ’š theresanaiforthat.com3.701M$199YesTwitter: 16k
LinkedIn: 26k
Newsletter: 400k*
Yes. The price is high, but their traffic is the highest on this list. On top of that, they guarantee that you get listed in their newsletter, which is a good bang for the buck.
πŸ’š toolify.ai620,771$49YesNoneYes. Traffic is good for the price. And they list within 48 hours, which is appealing to me.
πŸ’› saasaitools.com17,331Free/97$NoNoneI will list for free, but $97 to skip the line is not worth it, IMO. If they add us after 30 days, so be it, if not, then hey, nothing lost.
πŸ’› insidr.ai219,230FreeYes, but via redirectLinkedIn: 140
Instagram: 787
Yes (it’s free, right? You can’t go wrong with that)
πŸ’› trybestaitools.com<5000 (not enough data)FreeNoNoneYes. As you might have figured by now, I like free πŸ˜‰
πŸ’› aitoolsdirectory.com18,836FreeYes, but via redirectNoneMaybe. I found them on the first page of Google, which is great, but their traffic is not too big, and they want a lot of data
πŸ’› genai.works41,587FreeYesLinkedIn: 1.5MYes. Page is quite buggy, but after a bit back and forth it loaded. Added 10LevelUp (you know, as it is free ;)). Additionally I would love to get featured in their LinkedIn (which is god damn massive, biggest AI LinkedIn I saw so far)
πŸ’› coletivoia.com10,109FreeNoInstagram: 42k
Twitter: 385
Yes, as it is free and has a slightly different market. (Brazil)
🀍 aitoolsclub.com47,938$299YesTwitter: 755No. Not enough traffic to justify this insane price point. It might be interesting to list on their main/partner website (marktechpost.com), but that is even more expensive. Not for now.
🀍 futurepedia.io981,339$158NoNewsletter: 180k*No. Right now, it’s too expensive for what we need. I thought about newsletter sponsorship, but β€œAI professionals” are not the target audience of our tool. (Rather, people in the video editing sector)
🀍 aiscout.net50,683$20YesFacebook: 36
LinkedIn: 127
Twitter: 28
No. Their social following is tiny, and the traffic on the site is not great. It’s not worth spending money here. And they just showed me the price after I had already submitted the tool. Super shady.
🀍 aitoolhunt.com560,694No ideaYesTwitter: 427No. The site broke on me, can’t log in. I can’t submit the tool. Will try again later.
🀍 toolhunter.ai< 5,000 (not enough data)FreeYesNoneNo. Their main tool is a direct competitor to ours; don’t trust them to actually care about this directory. On top of that, the traffic is tiny, making it even less interesting.
🀍 opentools.ai180,101$150YesTwitter: 24k
LinkedIn: 3.5k
Newsletter: 40k*
No. Their traffic is okay-ish, but for the price point, other pages offer more. I like that their Twitter and LinkedIn are that big (and the posts have engagement, so it seems like they are not fake). If they guarantee a Twitter & LinkedIn mention, this would be a better deal. I will try to reach out to them about this. Checked with them Twitter is $500 extra and LinkedIn $300 extra….so stays a no-no. Too expensive IMO
🀍 findmyaitool.com143,543$50NoLinkedIn: 499No. Traffic is too small for the price point. I like their website design, though, and the approach that they sometimes feature tools in their shorts.
🀍 ai.fosshub.com21,808$188/yearYesNoneNo. Definetly not. $200 PER YEAR for shitty traffic. Nope, not gonna do it.

*Newsletter numbers are as advertised on the websites. I’m quite sure it’s less than that.

If you know of more sites, please reach out to me, so I can evaluate and potentially add them. You can reach me on LinkedIn. Oh, and while you are here, do me a favor and check out 10LevelUp.com, currently putting a lot of work into it.

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